Why Do Lady Bugs Have Spots ?  

There are several ways you can attract lady bugs into your garden. If the plants in the garden have aphids, then you do not have to do much, and the lady bugs will come on their own to prey on the aphids. You can also buy a few lady bugs and release them into your garden to get rid of the aphids and other pests. Lady bugs are also known as lady beetles or lady birds. They are a gardener’s best friend because they can get rid of so many insects, and the gardener need not make use of chemicals to eliminate the pests.

Lady bugs love pollen and nectar. Hence, it would be advisable to plant flowering plants in the garden to attract lady bugs. There are some plants that these bugs also eat. Hence, think about planting them. Some of the plants that lady bugs love to feed on include cilantro, buckwheat and crimson clover. (See Reference 1) 

Unfortunately, there are some plants that tend to attract aphids into the garden. You can even plant these plants in your garden. Though aphids are destructive, you can attract lady bugs into your garden. Generally, it is best not to kill all the aphids in a garden. (See Reference 1) Plants like fennel attract aphids. Ladybugs will lay their eggs on such plants and the larvae will soon eat up all the aphids. They will also keep the number of harmful bugs low in the garden.

Plants like cilantro, fennel and hippomania are good for attracting the lady bugs. If you notice, these plants have a strong smell. Lady bugs get attracted to pheromones and some of the plants emit them. It would be advisable to check a garden store to get a list of plants that emit pheromones and strong smell. (See Reference 1)

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Why Do Lady Bugs Have Spots


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