What Does The Rhinoceros Beetle Eat

What Does The Rhinoceros Beetle Eat ?

Rhinoceros beetle is the biggest beetle in the world. Hence, many people assume that since these beetles are big, they a lot. However, considering their size, their appetites are not that large. The rhinoceros beetle eats decaying vegetation and fruits in the wild. It is also known to eat saplings, plant sap and nectar. In captivity, the rhinoceros beetle is known to eat fruits that have fallen off trees and old bananas. The larva of the rhinoceros beetle is known to live on decaying wood.

This beetle has a characteristic appearance. It has a sharp horn on its nose and this makes the beetle look very similar to a rhinoceros, and hence, its name. However, it is interesting to note that just the males have horns. (See Reference 1)

While the beetle looks very ominous, it is not at all dangerous and can be handled without the person getting bitten. Hence, given the gentle nature of the rhinoceros beetle, it makes an excellent pet for kids. In addition, as pets, the beetles are not at all high maintenance and will eat anything that is provided to them. (See Reference 1)

Rhino beetles are believed to be very strong. They can forage through a lot of litter in the jungle. The beetle uses its horn to dig away piles of leaves. The adult rhino beetle can carry 800 times its own weight, and many consider it to be among the strongest insects in the world.

The beetle typically lives in tropical forests and jungles. It comes in bizarre shapes and sizes. The female can lay up to 50 eggs in one go, and the eggs hatch into larvae and then the larvae pupate before turning into adults. The larvae have voracious appetites and can consume a lot of decaying wood. (See Reference 1)

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