Where To Buy Rhinoceros Beetle

Where To Buy Rhinoceros Beetle ?

Many people keep rhinoceros beetles as pets as they are extremely low maintenance and will end old fruits and vegetation provided to them. In addition, the sheer size of the beetle is extremely attractive and the plus point is that the beetles do not sting or bite. This makes it very easy to handle them. There are many more people who want to keep these gentle giants as pets but do not know where to buy rhinoceros beetles.

The best source for buying rhinoceros beetle is the Internet. There are many insect farms that have their own websites, and it is best to check out these sites to see whether the farms deal with rhinoceros beetles. If they do, you will be able to place an order online and the farm will ship the beetle to you while ensuring that no harm comes to it during the shipment. (See Reference 1)

Alternatively, you can visit an insect farm and directly buy the beetle there and then transport the beetle in your car to your house. Make sure that when you purchase the beetle, you get all the information on what to feed it and how to take care of it. While rhinoceros beetles are extremely sturdy, they still need some amount of care.

When you get rhinoceros beetles, ensure that you segregate the males. Two males cannot be placed together as they will kill one another. Place the females in a large tank with soil. A 10 gallon tank containing around eight inches of soil should suffice. The male will mate with the females and then the females will burrow into the soil and lay their eggs. You can feed your pet rhinoceros beetles apples and bananas. (See Reference 1)

In case you do not want adult beetles, then you can also purchase rhinoceros beetle larvae. The larvae will have to be housed in a glass tank in soil. Two males cannot be placed with one another, so be careful. Just keep the female larvae in the same tank. The beetles will have a longer lifespan if they are kept in a cool temperature. Depending on the species of the rhinoceros beetle, you may even have to provide it with an overwintering period. (See Reference 1)

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