What Does A Butterfly Symbolize ?  

The numerous stages that a butterfly goes through have enthralled millions worldwide. The fascinating transformation of a small little egg into a caterpillar and finally an adult butterfly flapping its wings to freedom is a sight that never fails to amuse and fascinate the young and old alike. Numerous cultures and traditions depict a different yet powerful symbolism of this beautiful creature. According to the Greeks, the butterfly is a symbol of psyche or “soul”. It emanates beauty, love and a passionate relationship. Butterflies have been associated with “soul” in the Central Asian, Mexican, Zaire and New Zealand cultures as well.

Butterfly has a profound presence in Christianity. Numerous Christian paintings and artworks show the Christ holding a butterfly. A painting of a little butterfly sitting on top of a Christian tomb is a common sight.

A few cultures consider the butterfly’s transformation to be an unavoidable changethat humans have to go through in life. The changes in appearances and hardships in life which man undergoes are summed up by a butterfly’s transformation.

It portrays resurrection, transition, celebration, lightness, time and soul: alterations, which every human being undergoes to complete a perfect life cycle. It teaches man to complete the journey of the soul successfully by passing several trials and tests that will undoubtedly chase man. The final stage is the transformation from an insecure creature to some thing which is confident and radiant inside out. The butterfly clearly shows resilience and character in its short life span inspiring every human being.

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What Does A Butterfly Symbolize ?




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What Does A Butterfly Symbolize ? )
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