How To Identify A Cockroach ?  

Cockroaches are not very difficult to identify. They are medium sized insects. They have distinctly flattened bodies. There are nearly 4,000 different cockroach species found the world over. They are generally brown to deep red in color. Black colored cockroaches are also found in some instances.

These species are nocturnal and will happily run around at nighttime in search of food and water. They even thrive in moist aquatic conditions so any attempts to drown them will turn out to be futile. They multiply at an alarming rate and produce numerous eggs. They act as vectors and carry several diseases and infections. They can affect humans just by running over food items and contaminate them with their droppings or filth present on their legs and mouth. They can cause plagues in regions that are overcrowded and unhygienic.

They live in groups and attract others cockroaches by secreting a foul excreta when they find a food source. These insects have long antennas. The adults also have thin membranous wings. If you find one without wings, then you have just discovered a younger cockroach that is yet to reach adulthood. If you have spotted one running in your bathrooms, kitchen or in cupboards then it is definitely a German cockroach. If you find these creatures running near water bodies, drainage systems, basements, etc. you have just found an oriental cockroach. American cockroaches on the other hand prefer outdoor environments. If you find cockroaches in all the aforementioned places, then you have a large family of cockroaches coexisting peacefully with one another in your locality!

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How To Identify A Cockroach ?




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How To Identify A Cockroach ? )
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