Easy Way To Apply Flea Medicine To Cat  

Fleas easily infest cats. It is very difficult to get rid of these blood-sucking pathogens if left untreated for a long time. They reproduce at an alarming rate. A single flea can lay up to 2,000 eggs in its lifetime. They directly affect the cat’s nervous system. Fleas draw blood from the circulatory system and can even pass on germs and bacteria into the blood stream. Safe and prompt removal is necessary to prevent aggravation of the condition. If left untreated, the cat could even die.

If you have noticed fleas on your pet cat, your first step should be to give it a nice cozy bath. If your cat is naturally apprehensive and fidgety with water, then words of reassurance and care is essential to convince the kitty to go under water. Fill the tub with warm water and slowly lower the cat inside. Take a handful of cat shampoo and rub it gently and thoroughly on the cat’s skin in such a way that it reaches and cleans every part of the body. Avoid any type of contact with the cat’s eyes, ears or mouth. After rinsing the shampoo away with sufficient water, use a dry towel to wipe the cat’s body completely.

When your cat has dried up, use a flea medication that can be applied topically. Read the instructions before application. Do not over use the medication. You can use flea prevention pills. These are available in the market. Open you cat’s mouth widely and place the pill deep inside its throat. Make sure that your cat has swallowed the pill. This will work internally and prevent the fleas form reproducing.

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Easy Way To Apply Flea Medicine To Cat




Flea-Infestation-And-Treatments      Fleas are parasitic creatures. You will find them growing on furry pets. They reach a length of 1/8 inches. They are dark red in color. The females lay eggs on solid surfaces like carpets, rugs, etc. These eggs will then transform into larva, pupa before becoming an adults. The mature fleas will cling on to any warm-blooded creature for drawing blood. They suck blood by directly injecting their sharp mouthparts into the circulatory system. More..




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Easy Way To Apply Flea Medicine To Cat )
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