Does Gasoline Lice Treatment Work

Does Gasoline Lice Treatment Work ?

It might sound drastic but there was a time when gasoline was the medium of choice to treat lice infestation. In fact products like turpentine, kerosene and benzene were also applied on to get rid of lice. The use of such products can be found in medical journals as early as 1917. At that time such uses were said to have been long standing treatments! It stands to reason therefore that the use of gasoline and the other products have been handed down over generations, notwithstanding the advances in lice treatments.

Consider the fact that gasoline finds its use as a lice killer even today and we can be confident that it has survived several generations. The theory that what has been good for the older generations is good for us even today has sustained in using gasoline for getting rid of lice. Having said that, we should look at other options that exist in the market today. These options are effective in getting rid of lice infestations.

While there may be many a folk remedy for treating lice infestations, most drugstores and pharmacies have good quality licecides which help get rid of lice from human hosts. These OTC or over the counter products can be applied on to the scalp or infested areas. The OTC products can be either permethrins or pyrethrins. They will require re- application after a week to 10 days.

One social thought process to buying such a product is the possible embarrassment it can cause. Buying a lice killer product means that either the buyer or someone in his family is having an itchy problem and this can cause a lot of discomfiture. Gasoline, however, is not going to cause a raised eyebrow!

The downside to using gasoline is definitely the risks associated with the same. It is after all a highly inflammable product. It will then take only a small spark to ignite the fuel. While the quantity of gasoline used in this way may not be very big but it is still enough to cause some severe burn trauma should such an unfortunate accident happen. It can also cause irritation.

There are instances of children suffering from such accidents in the recent past - 12 year old Stephanie LeBlanc, 13 year old Koran Jenkins and 18 year old Jessica Brooks. All of whom had gasoline soaked hair which ignited from stray sparks from pilot lights.

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