What To Use On Lice Bites

What To Use On Lice Bites ?

From natural ingredients to medicated products, there is a wide variety of solutions for lice bites. Normally, a bite from a louse will look like a little red dot on the skin surface. The bite also produces an itchy sensation which is a sign of the body’s immune response kicking in. The application of a cool compress can afford temporary relief to this itching, but a more long lasting solution is needed to rid the body of lice infestation.

The best remedy for such lice bites is to first get rid of existing lice with the application of a medicated shampoo and then combing out the nits and lice with a special nit comb. One of the best anti–lice shampoos is a pediculicide shampoo; otherwise known as lice destroying shampoo. A nit comb can then be used. Such a treatment will need to be reapplied after a week to ten days.

As a support measure to this treatment, it would be a good idea to wash all the clothing items and even bed linen in hot water with the added punch of bleach or detergent.

After that either natural products or OTC and medicated products can be applied. In the former category, there are choices like lemon, basil, mint and even baking soda. Good quality essential oils of these herbs can also help. For the OTC or medicated options, one can choose between creams, lotions and oral medication too. Calamine lotions, hydrocortisone creams and oral anti- histamines can be found in most drug stores or pharmacies.

Natural products may work more soothingly than the OTC or medicated products. Especially since the head has already gone through a harsh shampoo, it may be worthwhile to think of natural options. Lemon juice for instance can be used in a concentrated manner over the bites. Baking powder can be made into a paste with water and applied to the bite places too. Mint and thyme are good products too. They can be boiled in water, cooled and used.

The calamine and hydrocortisone can be administered directly on to the bites marks. The oral medication kicks in when there has been an allergic reaction to the lice bites. Usage instructions need to be scrupulously followed.

The services of a doctor need to be brought in if the symptoms and bite marks are severe like pus, red streaks, pain, unexplained fever, pain and tenderness.

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