What Attracts Mosquito ?  

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying insects on earth. State of the art technology and repellants have miserably failed in dealing with mosquito menace. What exactly attracts mosquitoes towards humans, you may wonder. Well, a combination of factors is involved in attracting these tiny creatures towards us.

You would have noticed mosquitoes being attracted towards you when you exercise. The reason for this is a combination of sweat and lactic acid. Lactic acid is produced in the muscles while exercising. This acid has a pH concentration that attracts mosquitoes. So taking a shower immediately after exercising is necessary to prevent mosquito bites.

Carbon dioxide and octenol are a couple of substances released when a person exhales air. Both these substances attract biting insects and mosquitoes. These insects have smell receptors that can identify gases that are hundred feet away.

Mosquitoes are attracted to warm blooded creatures. The body’s heat radiated out by blood circulating the body is detected by heat receptors found on these tiny insects.

Color is another primary factor involved in attracting mosquitoes. Dark shades attract mosquitoes more effectively than lighter shades. Black in particular has been proven to attract a swarm of mosquitoes so avoid wearing darker shades of clothing while stepping out of your homes at dawn or dusk.

Mosquitoes can also sense people moving around at a distance of 30 feet because of change in light frequencies around the person.

There are numerous reasons for mosquitoes to get attracted to humans. Therefore, a combination of factors is involved in preventing mosquito bites.

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What Attracts Mosquito ?




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What Attracts Mosquito ? )
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