Spider Identification By Region  

If you live in an area that has too many spiders, then you should be able to identify them for your own safety. There may be some venomous ones that can cause damage to you. Also, some species of spiders are invasive, and if you identify they can be exterminated. The Entomological Society of America says that invasive spider species have the ability to damage the environment and they also eat the local spiders. Some spiders invade through exotic pet trade and they come from one place to another by sticking to cargo containers.


You have to examine the spider’s appearance, color and the patterns on the head and abdomen. The legs are sometimes log and sometimes short. If you find a dead spider, it is easier to examine it. The movement of the spiders also vary, like some have a scuttling movement and some hop. Also some spiders spin a web and some juts pounce on their prey. Take a picture of the spider and compare them to other spiders on the net. You will get a lot of information that way.

If you have captured a spider, take it to a biologist and they may be helping you identify it. Make sketches, click photographs or take the spider itself to the biologist. The biologist need not understand its behavior to identify it. Even the Smithsonian Entomology Department can offer help on identification of unknown spiders. There are nearly 1 million species of spiders and insects and several of them have not been identified. Some of the species are ancient and also long forgotten. That does not mean that they do not exist.

Most of the spiders are harmless and are good for getting rid of pests and insects. They provide a great source of food for the birds. Finding a book on spiders in your local library will be a good start in the identification process. If a spider is strange looking, then do not pick it up. They will try to defend themselves and end up biting you. Even if you find it crawling on you, stay calm and still, it will go away on its own. Do not attempt to keep these spiders as pets in a tank. Keeping spiders at home as pets is illegal in several places in the US. Even if you have found the rarest of spiders, carefully put it in a bottle and contact someone who can provide further information on that.

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Spider Identification By Region


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Treatment For A Spider Bite      Spiders are found everywhere, outdoors and indoors. It is impossible to predict when and where a person may end up getting bitten by them. However, at sometime you may have to encounter a spider bite and it is best to know how to treat them. Some spiders are poisonous and some are harmless. However, you can only tell from the symptoms and if you were bitten by a spider, then go to the nearest medical facility. More..




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