What Is The Most Venomous Spider ?  

Most of us are not fond of spiders. Unfortunately, these creepy little creatures can be seen spinning their webs in all parts of the world with an exception to Antarctica. Over all there are about 400,000 types of spiders found in every imaginable habitat excluding the seas and in the air. Most spiders are harmless, but a few others are highly poisonous. Let us find out which is the most poisonous spider across the world.

The most poisonous spider declared in the Guinness book of World Records in 2010 is the banana spider, which is also known as the Brazilian wandering spider. Many researchers term it as the most fatal arachnid on earth that is not only aggressive but also territorial. A generic name for 8 spider species, the Brazilian wandering spider falls under the genus phoneutria, which means murderess in Greek. This species is ranked to possess a very superior quality of active neuro-toxic venom as compared to all the other spider species. Research done on this venom shows that as little as 0.006mg of venom can kill a full-grown mouse.

Banana spiders are extremely aggressive and commonly seen in the tropical regions of Central and South America. These spiders are wanderers and therefore unlike other spiders, they do not spin a web or live in webs. You can spot them scampering or wandering on the jungle floor in search of a prey actively after dark. One may also see them hidden in the banana foliage, in crates that contain bananas or on bunches of other fruits.

These spiders are very tiny in size as compared to its cousins. An adult Brazilian wandering spider grows up to about 0.7 to 1.9 inch length wise leg span of approximately four to five inches. They lift up their body in an erect posture with the front two legs off ground displaying a defensive posture. On swaying from one side to another, they reveal their black-stripped patterns on the underside.
Though the Brazilian wandering spider is considered to be the most poisonous spiders found across the world, it is not the deadliest one. This place is taken by the Australian redback spider. This species has been reported for causing several deaths in its region till the development of the anti-venom that is a cure for its bite. More than two hundred and fifty bites receive this anti-venom treatment every year but no more recent deaths are been stated.

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What Is The Most Venomous Spider


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