Can You Die From A Black Widow Bite

Can You Die From A Black Widow Bite ?

There are more than thirty thousand species of spiders and perhaps the best known out of them is the black widow spider. Many people want to know can you die from a black widow bite. Ironically, spider bites are held responsible for rashes, itching and infections. But a person rarely dies from a black widow bite. However, seniors and small children can end up suffering from life threatening reactions is they are bitten by a black widow.


The black widow's venom contains a protein that affects the nervous system. This protein is neuro-toxic and is quite venomous. However, where humans are concerned, the protein is not that venomous. It causes severe pain at the bite site. Most of the symptoms of a black widow bite appear within twenty minutes to an hour of being bitten. The symptoms include pain at the bite site, pain in the abdomen, cramps in the muscles, tremors and weakness. Usually, large groups of muscles are more severely affected by the venom and can be extremely painful. In extreme cases, the person may suffer from nausea, vomiting, experience pain in the chest, feel faint and dizzy and may have problems breathing.

The severity of the symptoms is based on the person's age as well as physical condition. That is why seniors and small children are more prone to severe symptoms, which can be life threatening if immediate medical attention is not sought. If the symptoms are severe, a person can also experience elevated blood pressure and heart rate which are considered rather serious.

If a small child or senior is bitten by a black widow, it will require anti-venin as well as narcotics to fight the poison and the pain. This is a medical emergency and the person should be rushed to the emergency department without fail. In case you cannot take the person to the emergency department, then dial 911 immediately, so that treatment can be started while the person is being transported to the hospital.

While black widow bites cannot kill a person usually, the bite should be monitored carefully. If the person begins showing serious effects and symptoms, his or her life could be in danger. And, the person could die without proper treatment.

Knowing the symptoms of black widow spider bite could help save the life of a child or an elderly person. Make sure that you have a clean garden and backyard where there is no scope for the spider to make its home. If you take these precautions, there is not need for you to ask can you die from a black widow bite.

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Can You Die From A Black Widow Bite