What Does A Tick Bite Look Like On A Dog ?  

Ticks are minute insects that are commonly found on warm-blooded creatures. They draw blood to sustain life. They are very difficult to detect because of their extremely minuscule size. More often than not, they leave their heads embedded inside the skin surface making it more difficult to remove them completely off the body. Animals in particular are susceptible to tick attacks. Monsoon season is ideal for ticks to grow and reproduce.

Detecting ticks on furry animal is difficult. If the fur is too long, then the problem becomes a lot worse. If you notice your dog scratching a particular area repeatedly, it is advisable to immediately take the animal to a veterinarian to make sure a tick has not bitten it. These tiny creatures cause Lyme diseases in animals and humans. Your dog will successfully remove these tiny creatures from its ears and paws. It cannot reach areas like armpits, back and neck, making your pet feel extremely uncomfortable.

It is advisable to get a tick test done periodically from an experienced veterinarian to make sure that your dog has not been infested or bitten by a tick. Mild redness with swelling is often observed in the affected area. If you notice any such symptoms, it is advisable to wash the area with soap water. Next, apply a disinfectant or an antibiotic ointment. You can also use hydrocortisone sprays meant for dogs on the affected area. This will stop your dog from scratching the area. You can place an icepack intermittently to reduce inflammation and swelling.

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What Does A Tick Bite Look Like On A Dog ?




What-Does-A-Tick-Bite-Look-Like      Ticks live on warm-blooded animals. They are deadly parasites that survive by drawing blood out of their host. They belong to the family of Arthropoda. They are named as the second most lethal organisms after mosquitoes. You can find ticks on furry animal, non-furry animals, humans or any warm-blooded creatures on Earth. More..




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What Does A Tick Bite Look Like On A Dog ? )
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