What Does A Tick Bite Look Like ?  

Ticks live on warm-blooded animals. They are deadly parasites that survive by drawing blood out of their host. They belong to the family of Arthropoda. They are named as the second most lethal organisms after mosquitoes. You can find ticks on furry animal, non-furry animals, humans or any warm-blooded creatures on Earth.

They have a very clever way of drawing blood out of their host. They firstly apply a kind of chemical that acts like an anesthetic. Later, they slowly insert their sharp mouth parts inside the skin to draw out blood. If the host is already infected with a particular microorganism, pathogen, bacteria or fungi, the tick will end up drawing these deadly microorganisms along with the blood. When the same tick bites another creature, it will transfer these microorganisms into the host’s blood stream thereby infecting the person.

Lyme disease is one of the most common diseases transmitted by ticks from animals to humans. This particularly affects the nervous system. If the disease is left untreated, it may cause flu like symptoms. Inflammation, redness swelling and pain in muscles, arthritis, chest pain, numbness of legs and hands are observed. In extreme cases, the body might be paralyzed beginning from the legs and moving upwards. Paralysis of vital organs will lead to instant death.

In other cases, the tick bite will look more or less like a small red spot. In numerous instances, the person will show symptoms after a couple of weeks of a tick bite. Therefore, taking precautionary measures if you notice some unusual medical symptoms is necessary.

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What Does A Tick Bite Look Like ?




What-Does-An-Embedded-Tick-Look-Like      Ticks are parasites that feed on warm-blooded creatures. They suck blood and end up transferring deadly pathogens and microorganisms into the host’s blood stream. Tick bites are very difficult to detect or identify because these bites are mostly non-symptomatic. Rashes or redness is observed in some cases. In other cases, symptoms might develop weeks after a tick has bitten making the process more cumbersome. More..




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What Does A Tick Bite Look Like ? )
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