What Tick Carries Lyme Disease ?  

Ticks act as vectors and carry Borrelia burgdorferi, a bacterium that is responsible for causing Lyme disease in humans. This bacterium is mainly found in the bloodstream of animals like deer and mice. When a tick bites these animals, there are high chances of this bacterium being swallowed along with the animal’s blood. When the same tick bites a human, it swallows human blood and in the process releases this bacterium into our circulatory system leading to Lyme disease.

A tick bite is not very easy to detect. In some cases, people would not even realize they have bitten by a tick for days together. However, if you find a red bull’s eye formation on your skin, then you can be sure it is a tick bite.

The bite is not itchy or painful but is relatively warmer when compared to other parts of your skin. Light swelling will be observed. If you find any unusual symptoms like lethargy, tiredness, muscle weakness or flu like symptoms, it is advisable to get a blood test done. Inflammation of lymph nodes and headache are a few initial symptoms associated with Lyme disease. Different people have different ways of reacting to a tick bite. If the person neglects the initial symptoms, irregular heart beating or arrhythmia is also observed. Join pain, arthritis and chest pain will occur in severe cases of infection. Lyme disease affects the nervous system so partial paralysis of the face is possible.

Other symptoms include:

  • Numbness or frequent tingling of toes and fingers
  • Stiffness of neck
  • Swelling in joints
  • Memory weakness

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What Tick Carries Lyme Disease ?




How-To-Remove-A-Tick      Ticks are blood-sucking parasites found on warm-blooded creatures. There are numerous types of ticks found the world over. Nearly 200 types of ticks are found in United States alone. Tick bites are quite difficult to detect because they are not itchy or painful unlike other insect bites. They inject their venom into the host making the area feel numb. Therefore, you will not realize a tick has bit you unless you see development of rashes or red spots. Ticks are extremely active and lethal in spring and summer time. More..




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What Tick Carries Lyme Disease ? )
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