How To Deal With Wasps Nests ?  

Nests are found on trees, vaulted roofs or crevices of homes. Make sure that you contact an exterminator in case the wasp nest is too high or in an inaccessible area. Usually, it is recommended that a wasp nest located on a tree be left alone, as it will not affect you. These creatures can sting, but have their own benefits. They can get rid of garden pests in an eco-friendly manner.

Protective clothes like long sleeves, pants and gloves have to be worn when you want to deal with a wasp nest. The New York City Environmental Health Services recommends a beekeeper’s veil be worn. Also, purchase some aerosol wasp spray from a hardware store.

A smart idea of exterminating wasps is approaching the nest in late evenings, when they are most inactive and gather to stay warm in the night inside their nest. This time is favorable, as they have difficulty in flying in temperatures below 50 Fahrenheit degrees; thus reducing the potential of stings.

Spray the complete nest with the wasp spray, concentrating on the entrance to the nest. Make sure that you read the label carefully and follow the instructions on how to apply the spray. 

Monitor the nest during day time. No activity indicates extermination of the wasps. In case you do notice a few wasps still flying in and out, use the spray again for the next 3 days. This will ensure that the remaining wasps die.

Stay cautious while spraying the nest, as wasps release a chemical known as pheromone when they perceive a threat. This chemical attracts out wasps from around the nest and they can all attack you without a warning. It is dangerous to try eliminating a wasp nest on your own. So usually it is not recommended. However, if you still want to try, take all precautions to avoid getting stung by these nasty stingers.

If old nests are found in winter or early part of spring, you can get rid of them easily without worrying about getting stung. These nests are abandoned ones and will not be used again by the wasps.

Wear protective gloves, goggles, shirt and pants when you intend getting rid of old nests. Slip a polythene bag around the nest; close to the neck of the nest, tie the mouth and then just break the neck that is connected it to the tress, house or any other structure.

Contact and call a professional in case, you are allergic to wasps, thus avoiding the risk of getting stung while dealing with the nest yourself.

In case the wasp nest is inaccessible, call a pest exterminator to remove it. Only professionals are supposed to remove the nests that are built inside a house or are located within walls.

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