What Do Howler Monkeys Eat ?  

Howler monkeys as the name suggests are known for their howling sound. They are basically around 90 cm long which includes their tail. They are either brown or black. Howler monkeys usually live in very small troops in forests found in South and Central America.

As far as the question regarding their eating habits is concerned, then it should be noted that these howler monkeys mainly feed on fruits, leaves, and budding twigs. They are often seen eating leaves while hanging from the branches. Leaves are known for making nearly half of their diet. Other species of the New World Monkeys normally do not feed on leaves that much.

Talking of the leaves, small and young leaves are something that these howler monkeys love just because of the fact that they are tender and are known for carrying much more nutrients. Apart from leaves, they also go for fruits and flowers very often. Howler monkeys get most of their water from the juicy leaves still whenever they feel like drinking; they can find water in the canopy.

Water normally gets collected in places such as the tree holes and these are the places these monkeys get their required amounts of water from. Howlers reach their hands into all these puddles and then lick their fingers which satisfy their thirst. If they are even thirstier, then they would probably go to first floor and have their water right from some stream or pond. This is the way these howler monkeys have their food and water for the day. But now due to the destruction of their habitat, several species of these howler monkeys are under great threat.

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What Do Howler Monkeys Eat




Howler-Monkey-Behavior      Howler monkeys are New World monkeys which are found in tropical regions of South and Central America. It is named because of its cacophonous cries. They usually cry at dusk and dawn. Their cry could be heard up to 5 kilometers. Males have larger throats and specialized “shell-like” vocal chambers which turn up the volume of their call. This noise sends messages to other howler monkeys, for example: “This territory is already occupied by a troop. Howler monkeys move on all four legs on top of tree branches. They usually grasp a branch with two hands or the tail and a hand at times. These monkeys can use their tails as an extra arm for gripping branches or even hanging from them. More..




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