Where Do Silver Langur Live

Where Do Silver Langur Live ?

Silver Langur monkeys, as their name suggests, have silvery fur with the darker tips along with yellowish color at their tails. This species is actually diurnal and is known to live in groups in dense primeval forests. The male langur protects its harem and territory from other males. Langur monkeys have a very complex stomach because of the digestion of cellulose from the leaves and fruits.

This monkey is some time called the Silver Leaf monkey. You can easily spot them in the wild due to their coloring. They can weight up to 6.5 kgs based on the age and gender. Usually, the group comprises of about 6 to 10 Langurs, but you can even spy bigger groups of 30 or more monkeys.

Their habitat still continues to be destroyed by various illegal logging as well as the non suitable agricultural practices that are being followed by people on large scales.

These tree-dwelling monkeys are found in a wide array of habitats, ranging from mangroves to coastal regions to forests growing along rivers. They are found in Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Borneo, Indo-China region and Burma. They live in evergreen as well as semi-evergreen forests in these regions.

While you can still see quite a few Silver Langur monkeys in Cambodia, their numbers are fast dwindling in other regions. This is primarily due to loss of habitat, hunting, and using them for making traditional medications.

The governments are working with wildlife activists to protect this species from getting extinct. Measures are being taken to stop unnecessary felling of trees where the Silver Langurs dwell and also educate the locals on how to practice environmental-friendly farming practices. Hopefully, with all the steps being taken, it will become a common sight to catch a Silver Langur monkey in the rainforests and the mountains of Asia.

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Where Do Silver Langur Live