How Does The Rhesus Monkey Get Its Food ?  

Rhesus monkeys belong to the Cercopithecidae family. They are scientifically called Macaca mulatt. They love running around on the ground but are terrestrial in nature as well. These fast climbers can jump from one tree to the other with great dexterity. In India, they are found in large numbers in domestic households and are considered quite a nuisance. Apart from food, these monkeys also steal household items, are troublesome, highly irrigative and aggressive when provoked. They also have the ability to harm younger children and pass on deadly diseases.

They are golden brown in color. A few species can be gray brown as well. They are medium in size and have trademark cheek pouches that are utilized for storing food on a temporary basis. Their faces are lighter in shade. The females weigh approximately four to eleven kilograms while males are five to twelve kilograms.

They are active during daytime. They hunt for fruits, seeds, leaves, roots, pine needles and even insects when need arises. They are infamous for causing widespread damage to the agricultural crops and are considered as troublesome pests to have around in fields and large agricultural lands. They destroy large acres of crops like wheat, leguminous plants and even rice. Sugarcane fields are not spared either. These monkeys also relish bananas, tomatoes, squashes, papayas, mangos and melons. In the wild, they eat buds, flowers, shrubs, bark and tender leaves. Ficus, neem and sheesham are also consumed by these species. They are very noisy and can make extremely loud screeching noises to communicate with each other.

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How Does The Rhesus Monkey Get Its Food




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How Does The Rhesus Monkey Get Its Food )
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