Rhesus Monkeys Facts  

Rhesus monkeys are found in Asia, predominantly in China and India. They are medium in size and are sexually dimorphic. Listed below are some interesting facts about these creatures:

Rhesus Monkey Facts:

  • The males weigh about eight kgs and can reach a height of 1.74 feet. The females weigh lesser (approximately five kgs) and are understandably shorter in stature as well.
  • These species have characteristic pink faces and pink rumps. The female’s rums become deeply pinkish while mating.
  • They lack fur and are generally golden brown to gray brown in color.
  • They are arboreal and terrestrial in nature but are excellent swimmers too.
  • Even two-day-old infants have been found to display good swimming abilities.
  • Their habitats are varied. You would come across these monkeys in temperate forests, mixed and dry deciduous forests, semi deserts, mangroves, tropical forests and elevated sea lands.
  • Interestingly, these monkeys are found in densely populated human habitats as well. Urban and rural dwellings are home to a large numbers of Rhesus monkeys.
  • Farmers consider them as troublesome pests. They eat and damage large acres of crops and fields, causing widespread financial damage. Rice, wheat, sugarcane, mangos, papayas, bananas and melon fields in particular are prone to monkey attacks.
  • Living in urban areas have made these monkeys depend and derive nearly 93 percent of there nourishment from human dietary sources.
  • In India, they are worshiped in temples and revered. They are specially fed with bread, peanuts, bananas, fruits and vegetables.
  • A few rhesus monkeys also eat mushrooms, grasshoppers, shellfish, birds’ eggs and fish varieties.

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Rhesus Monkeys Facts




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