What Is The Smallest Type Of Pig

What Is The Smallest Type Of Pig ?

The smallest type of pig in the world is known as the pygmy hog. It weighs approximately ten pounds, or a little more than eight kilos. This pig is found in the wild and is currently an endangered animal. It used to be prevalent across the entire Southeast Asia, but this is not the case any longer. In a survey conducted in the year 2008, there were just 150 of these pigs living in Assam in India. Hence, many conservation methods have been put into place to ensure that these pigs do not become extinct.

The pygmy hog is the only surviving member of the genus Porcula, and previously it was referred to as Porcula salvania. If this pig becomes extinct, a full branch of the pig family will also disappear with it. The adult pig has a skin color that ranges from black to dark brown. The skin is covered with a dark colored fur. The heads of the pig are noticeably tapered and it has a tuft of hair at the back of its neck and on the top of its head. Young pigs have stripes on their fur which tend to disappear as they mature. The average lifespan of a pygmy hog is about 8 years, and it reaches sexual maturity by the time it is 2 to 3 years old.

This pig is omnivorous and eats a wide variety of things, like plants, tubers, small animals and insects. However, their habitat is now restricted due to humans and also they are hunted for their meat.

Initially, it was assumed that the pygmy hog had become extinct. However, due to the work done by Durrell Wildlife Trust in association with local wildlife organizations, a few pygmy hogs were found in the northeastern part of India. Also, in the year 1995, some of the pigs were captured so that they could participate in a captive breeding program. The aim of the program is to breed sufficient pygmy hogs and re-introduce them into the wild.

There is another pig that can be classified as the smallest type of pig in the world. This is the miniature pot bellied pig. As this pig is bred artificially using different species of pigs, it is not considered to be a true small-type of pig. Nonetheless, the miniature pot bellied pig is bred at the Pennywell Farm located in South Devon, and it weighs about 25 kilos. Its size is around one-quarter of an adult pot bellied pig.

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What Is The Smallest Type Of Pig