What Part Of The Pig Does Bacon Come From

What Part Of The Pig Does Bacon Come From ?

Before be look at what part of the pig does bacon come from, let us first understand what is bacon. As we all know that bacon is meat that comes from a pig. However, this meat is a cured-type of meat. The curing takes place by placing the meat either in large amounts of salt or by putting it in brine. The resultant bacon is known as fresh bacon, or green bacon.

Thereafter, the fresh bacon can be dried for many more weeks. The process of drying takes place in cold air. Alternatively, the bacon can be smoked or boiled. However, whether the bacon is fresh or dried, it has to be cooked before it is consumed. But the boiled bacon and some of the smoked bacon can be consumed without cooking it any more.

Now, coming to what part of the pig does bacon come from. You will be surprised to learn that bacon can be made from different parts of the pig. However, the most commonly used cuts of meat are the side and the back. However, in the US, bacon is made from the belly of the pork and this bacon is known as streaky bacon, fatty bacon or American style bacon. The side cut of pork tends to have less amount of fat and more meat. Hence, it is the preferred cut of meat for preparing bacon. When it comes from the back, it can be made from 2 types of cuts, namely the fat back which is made up almost completely of fat, or the loin where the fat is less and the meat is lean. Bacon made from the loin cut is usually known as back bacon.

If you are a bacon lover, then you know that you can consume this meat by smoking it, boiling it, baking, it, or grilling it. Alternatively, you can even add to other dishes to enhance the taste and flavor of the dish. If you are roasting game bird, then you will definitely be using bacon to baste and lard the roast.

It has been seen that many times when the meats like beef, chicken, lamb or turkey are cured, they are also known as bacon. This kind of bacon looks very similar to the bacon made from pork and is more commonly seen in Muslim and Jewish areas as these 2 religions forbid the eating of pork and pork products. However, according to the USDA, bacon actually refers to the cured belly of the pork and not any other cured cuts or meats.

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What Part Of The Pig Does Bacon Come From