Breeding Rabbits

Breeding Rabbits

If you have rabbits, then you may be interested in finding out more about breeding them. Here is some useful information on breeding rabbits that you can refer to whenever you want. A female rabbit is known as a doe, and she is normally matured enough to reproduce when she is five months old.

A male rabbit is known as a buck, and it is sexually matured when it reaches the age of six months. However, the sexual maturity of a doe and buck depends on the size of the rabbit. Also, when selecting breeding rabbits, it is important to check out the family tree of the rabbit. Only those rabbits should be picked for breeding that are productive and have good genes. Make sure that you keep the productivity record and pedigree of your rabbit carefully. These are required if you enroll your rabbits in shows.

A buck can be used to mate up to seven times in a week. However, you can also use the buck two times a day for mating.

Here are some points to keep in mind when breeding rabbits:

Make sure that you mate rabbits that belong to the same breed. Always keep one rabbit per cage once it reaches the age of 3 months. This is primarily because rabbits tend to mature quicker when they are left alone. Also, they do not get into fights.

Before breeding the rabbits, get them checked up your vet. Make sure that they are disease free in all respects. If the vet gives a clean chit to the doe and buck, then introduce the doe into the buck's cage and not vice versa. You have the option of leaving the doe with the buck for a whole day, or you can leave the doe and buck together for one to twelve hours. Once the buck mates, remove the doe from the cage and transfer to separate cage.

If the mating was successful, you will know by the 10th to the 14th day, which is the time to conduct the pregnancy test. The vet can do this for you by conducting a physical examination of the doe. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, your rabbit will litter on the thirty-first day after the mating.

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Breeding Rabbits