How Long Do Rabbits Live ?

How Long Do Rabbits Live ?

Today, nearly every child wants to have a rabbit as a pet, especially after reading the children's books about rabbits. Many parents do not want to get their children rabbits as they are not aware of the lifespan of these cute animals and do not want to expose their children to grief and sorrow at a young age.

So, if you do not know How Long Do Rabbits Live ?, then read on. The average lifespan of a rabbit is between 8 years and 12 years. It has been found that domesticated rabbits tend to live longer than wild rabbits and this is primarily because domesticated rabbits are well looked after and not preyed upon by other animals and birds.

Rabbits do not require that much looking after, but they do need their basic requirements. If you are getting a baby rabbit for your kid, then make sure that it has been nurtured by its mother for the first four months. If not, then the baby rabbit will not survive. A baby rabbit can fend for itself after it reaches the age of 8 weeks. This is the correct time to start separating the baby from the doe. However, the weaning process has to be gradual and should not be done instantaneously.

If you intend having a pair, be careful if you do not want your yard to be overrun by rabbits. Rabbits are sexually mature by 3 months of age and have a short gestation period of 31 days.

Although rabbits are not considered to be intelligent, they can be taught their names and can understand simple words.

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How Long Do Rabbits Live