Plans For Building Rabbit Cages

Plans For Building Rabbit Cages

If you are planning on getting rabbits as pets, then you require rabbit cages. It goes without saying that if you build your own rabbit cage, it will be more durable than one purchased readymade from a pet store. Also, nowadays rabbit cages are made from plastic and you may never know how toxic the material can be to your pets.

You can easily get plans for building rabbit cages from the Internet. Most of these plans make use of wires, which are deemed to be relatively safe for rabbits. Also, wire cage allow a rabbit to keep a lookout on all sides and make it feel safe.

The best place for plans for building rabbit cages is a do-it-yourself website. The site will give you correct information on the size of the wire that should be purchased to build the cage. In addition, the plans will be supported by pictures and photographs, making it easy for you to follow and understand.

Typically a rabbit cage measures 18 inches in height and has a dimension of 30 inches X 36 inches. Do not use wood to make the cage as rabbits love to gnaw and will ruin the cage in no time. Instead, always use wire as building a rabbit cage from wire is inexpensive and durable.

If you want to breed rabbits for supplementing your income, then join a breeders' forum. Sign up for the newsletter, so that you get regular updates. When you have many rabbits, then you require a separate enclosure for each rabbit. So, keep this in mind when looking for plans for building rabbit cages.

Several things have to be taken into account when building rabbit cages. Check out the location, elevation of the cage, shade, sunlight and security before building a cage. All these things are important and should be given due consideration.

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Plans For Building Rabbit Cages