Where Do Most Rabbits Live ?

Where Do Most Rabbits Live ?

Usually rabbits are associated with the countryside. However, today, you can see rabbits in small cities and towns. Rabbits are ubiquitous all over the world. They can be found in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe. But it has been seen that most of the rabbits live in North America. In fact, over half the world population of wild rabbits are concentrated in the United States and Canada.

Rabbits live in burrows in social group. These burrows are in the form of a network of tunnels and are known as warren. The warren is first the leftover of a badger hole or a tunnel made by skunks, gophers or prairie dogs. Then rabbits inhabit them by further excavating the holes and tunnels. A warren will have several entry and exit points. So, one cannot say from where the rabbits will be entering and exiting their burrows.

Rabbits are not very particular about the type of landscape their build their burrows in. They can live in deserts as well as wetlands without any problems. That is why you can find rabbits in the wild in just about all places. However, it has been seen that majority of the warrens are located along the banks of rivers and hillsides where the earth is soft and easy to dig.

Rabbits are more active during the night and tend to stay underground during the day to avoid predators. Also, as warrens are usually three feet deep, it is quite difficult for predators to get to them during the day.

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Where Do Most Rabbits Live