Types Of Frogs  

Sitting at home, you may think that all frogs look the same- ugly and filthy but you will be surprised to know that this amphibian also has numerous varieties. In fact, North America alone consists of over ninety different species of frogs. Bullfrog is one of the largest species of frogs prevalent in the US. Although the average size of a bullfrog is 4 to 6 inches, some may even grow to about 8 inches. You may observe this frog in ponds, especially during evenings.

It is easy to identify a bullfrog due to its unique deep croaking. This variety is not very selective about its food and eats just about anything possible such as insects, tadpoles, other frogs and fish. Green Tree frog is a smaller variant of a bullfrog and is seen commonly in gardens. If you thought that frogs are only found on the ground or in water, you are in for a surprise! The Gray Tree frog is a type of frog that lives on trees adjacent to a pond. This variety is characterized by small size, warty skin and body color ranging from gray to green.

The Northern Leopard frog is a common site found hopping in the grass. It has green body color defined with black spots. These types of frogs are mostly active at night and prefer staying on land. Northern Chorus frogs present in ponds, marshes and swamps are small in size. The male member of this variety has a distinct yellow colored throat. These frogs are also considered to be the oldest types of frogs observed on earth. The Northern Cricket frog is stands apart from rest of the frogs in being diurnal, having a dark triangle between its eyes and the presence of webbed hind feet.

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Types Of Frogs




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