What Do Frogs Need To Survive ?

What Do Frogs Need To Survive ?

In comparison to many other pets such as dogs, cats or rabbits; it may not be so much fun to domesticate a frog since they do not play and nether are not too agile. Nevertheless, there are many people who show desire towards having this amphibian as a pet. The requisites for the survival of the frog tend to vary with its type.

The general requirement of aquatic frogs is water with the availability of some dry surface, terrestrial frogs can survive with just a bowl of water, while an access to branches for climbing are a must for arboreal frogs. The semi-aquatic frogs are most difficult to keep as they require a tank that contains partial water and partial land, a requisite which is not only difficult to attain but also sustain. When bringing any frog home, one should make prior provision of a habitat that suits its size and living conditions. Water filtration system, heating and cooling systems need to be set up as per the variety.

The food of frogs mainly includes insects, while some of the larger types may feed on mice as well. The food that would be most easily accessible for your pet frog would be crickets. The size of the crickets being fed should be proportional to the frog in question. Intake of an oversized cricket can prove to be hazardous to the health of the frog. Fruit flies may be a good alternative for the smaller variants of frog. Providing fresh and clean water is essential for the frog’s survival. Frogs take in water through their skin; therefore dirty water can lead to illness. One also needs to supervise the quality of water in the frog tank to ensure good health of the animal. Frogs have a tendency to excrete in water, which can lead to the accumulation of bacteria. If kept in healthy conditions, a frog may survive for about 15 years or even more.

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What Do Frogs Need To Survive