Leopard Gecko Breeding Season  

If you have a male and female leopard gecko, then you can think about breeding them. However, before opting for this, you should find out when the breeding season is for these geckos.

The leopard gecko breeding season ranges from the month of February until the month of August. It is during these few months that the geckos breed and the female lays eggs. However, do remember that the female should not be housed with a male constantly as it will result in frequent mating resulting in leaching of calcium from the female's bones.

Also, only allow the male and female to mate, if you have the patience to incubate the eggs. You should be aware that although these lizards are quite popular as pets, it is not very easy to sell baby leopard lizard. You may end being saddled with more geckos than you can handle!

In case you are certain about mating the geckos, then a few weeks before the breeding season starts, ensure that the female gets additional calcium supplement. You can keep the calcium in the tank so that the female can eat it whenever she wants to. Also, dust the live insects with calcium before feeding them to the geckos.

Put the male and female together in a tank and allow them to mate. Ensure the pair is sexually mature. You will not be able to see the geckos mate, but you may notice bite marks on the female. This happens as the male will bite the female during the mating. The male and female are kept together just for a few days to a maximum of 7 days. Once the mating is over, you will know start noticing the female getting fat. This is because of the eggs growing inside her. Soon, you will be able to see the eggs through the skin of the abdomen. In one breeding season, a female gecko will lay up to ten eggs. The eggs will be laid every 4 to 6 weeks.

Once the eggs are laid, they should be transferred to a separate tank where you can incubate them. Make sure that the incubator has constant temperature and any fluctuation can result in deformities.

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Leopard Gecko Breeding Season




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