What Do Wild Lizards Eat ?

What Do Wild Lizards Eat ?

Lizards have varied dietary habits that are grossly dependent on their species. The herbivorous varieties enjoy plants and vegetables as food, the specifically carnivorous types want only meat, while the omnivorous lizards consume both. The herbivorous varieties eat plants, cabbage, carrots, red lettuce, other greens and fruits such as apples, melon and grapes.

Rhubarb should be avoided as it is known to be dangerous to the health of most lizards. In order to suffice the meat requirement of the carnivorous or omnivorous varieties, one can either buy insects and worms from a pet store or catch them fresh from any outdoor location. However, it must be ensured that such insects and worms are devoid of any sprayed chemicals as consumption of such food can be fatal for the lizard.

The food habits of this reptile are of grave importance to its health as the insect it preys on may be providing an essential nutrient to maintain sound health of the animal. The rate of metabolism is also high amongst this reptile. Therefore, lizards require food 5 to 7 times during the course of the week.

The wild forms of this species consume diverse forms of food ranging from marine algae to scorpions. The Komodo dragon is one of the biggest carnivorous species of the reptile. This lizard grows to an amazing length of approximately ten feet. These lizards gorge on any variety of meat. Owing to their body size, they have the ability to even digest mammals such as wild boar, elk, deer, goats, monkeys and water buffalo. At a younger stage, the Komodo dragon eats all types of eggs, insects, rabbits and other small mammals, and even members of the lizard community such as geckos. These lizards are known to kill human beings as well. Some of the Komodo Dragons eat huge meals at one time and, therefore, may require eating only once a month.

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What Do Wild Lizards Eat