What Are The King Cobra Snake Enemies

What Are The King Cobra Snake Enemies ?

King cobras are longer than the normal cobra species and are the most venomous and deadliest of snakes in the world. The average length of the king cobras is anywhere between 12 ft and 13 ft. However, species of about 18 ft length have also been recorded. To give a common perspective, fully grown king cobras are generally longer than adult crocodiles.

Though king cobras weigh around 20 kilos, they are quite agile and aggressive. They keep their body on the ground while they move, however, they can lift about one third of their body off the ground. In fact, if they stand completely upright, they would be taller than a human being of average height.

Though an adult king cobra has fewer enemies and can easily save itself from its predators, the juvenile cobras are fed upon by giant centipedes, mongooses, army ants and civets. Wild boars and mongooses even trample or break the eggs.

Generally, the king cobras survive in thick dense forests where there is a water source in proximity. However, man is the biggest enemy of the king cobras due to rapid deforestation activities killing the natural habitats of the species. It has been lately recorded that the species is endangered due to such undesirable and irresponsible activities of mankind.

Unlike many other snakes’ species, king cobras do not shy away from humans. They are powerful enough to kill a huge elephant. They deliver large amounts of venom while attacking which is fatal for the prey as it directly affects the central nervous system.

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What Are The King Cobra Snake Enemies