What Do Corn Snakes Eat ?  

Corn snakes are one of the most harmless snake species that have been domesticated for years together. They do not mind surviving in an enclosed space and hence, they are easy to take care of as pets.

Wild corn snakes eat a wide range of animals. Young snakes eat small lizards while the juveniles feed on small rodents. Adults eat birds and fully grown mice. Since they climb trees easily, they go on search of baby birds and snack on them.

Domesticated corn snakes that are held in captivity feed on mice or rats just once in a week or two depending on their age. Adults usually eat quite well and can also be given thawed or frozen rodents.

However, corn snakes refuse meals when they shed their skin. Baby or young corn snakes shed their skin quite often and hence, during this stage, they tend to refuse the meal you serve. Adults shed their skin once in few months and skip meals during the blue phase when the skin turns dark and dull and their eyes become cloudy.

The pet owner should be careful about keeping the right amount of meal in the cage, otherwise, the snakes end up regurgitating once they finish the meal. It is also important to maintain the cage at the right temperature especially when the corn snake is small. This is because, they shed their skin quite often when they are in the growing stage and they would find it difficult to shed their skin if the humidity is low.

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What Do Corn Snakes Eat




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