Information On Milk Snakes  

Milk snakes are grouped together along with king snakes. They are non venomous but are often mistaken with venomous snakes like coral and copperheads and are killed. They have beautiful bright colorations on their backs and sides. They are generally light gray in color. Red, yellow and orange botches are seen dotting the gray coloration making them look very attractive.

A characteristic Y or V shaped reddish brown patch makes them easily distinguishable from other types of snakes. Their body is lined with smooth shiny scales. They are non-venomous and non-aggressive. They resemble coral and copperheads because of their patterns and colorations. They also resemble rattle snakes because they tend to make a rattling sound with their tails.

You can spot milk snakes in varied habitats. Rocky hillsides, streams, seas, mountains, woodlands and wetlands are home to a wide variety of milk snakes. They are also found in barns and agricultural lands. They move in search of rat and mice. They do not drink milk but are called so because old folklore which believes that these snakes enter barns to feed on cow’s milk.

The females and males are not sexually dimorphic because they have similar colorations. Mating occurs in May. The female lays her eggs in June and July. She lays around three to 24 eggs in moist places like logs, rotting vegetation, etc. The hatchlings appear by August.

Milk snakes are cannibalistic. They also eat birds, lizards, rat, mice, fish, bird’s eggs, insects and earthworms. They are nocturnal in nature, that is, they are active and hunt at nighttime but prefer to stay in their burrows at daytime.

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Information On Milk Snakes




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