Ball Pythons As Pets  

Want to own an unconventional pet and get a few eyes popping? If yes, then you can consider owning snakes as pets instead of cats and dogs, which seem to be the norm for centuries now. Of course, it would always be wise to own snakes that are non venomous and easy to tame unless you are an expert in handling reptiles.

Ball pythons are ideal for first time snake handlers. These are not very aggressive and are easy to tame as well. They reach a length of three to four feet which makes them pretty manageable. You need not spend huge money in buying a big terrarium either. A 30 gallon terrarium for adult snakes and a 10 to 20 gallon enclosure for younger ones is ideal. They are called “ball pythons” because they tend to coil up like a ball and neatly tuck their head underneath the coils when they fell threatened or are in danger.

They live for 20 to 30 years. When cared and nurtured properly, they can live for up to 50 years as well. When bred in captivity, the bell pythons are a lot better in terms of health than those found in the wild. Although the former tend to be more expensive, it is better to have one that is free of diseases. These snakes are easier to feed than their wild counterparts. You can feed the adults once in two weeks. The younger ones might require feedings every week. Although they are quite shy in nature, proper training will do the trick.

Maintain the temperature of the enclosure at around 80 to 85 Fahrenheit at daytime. During night, the temperature should be slightly lesser at 75 Fahrenheit. These are nocturnal animals so do not expect them to be overly active at daytime.

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Ball Pythons As Pets




How To Breed Ball Pythons ?      Ball pythons are scientifically called Python regius. They are natives of Western and Central Africa but are found in United States as well. In fact, they are the most commonly sold pets in United States. They are called so because they tend to roll up like a ball when they sense danger or feel threatened. More..




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