How To Kill A Rattle Snake

How To Kill A Rattle Snake ?

Rattlesnakes are venomous reptiles. Patios, roofs, garages, or any place that is hidden and offers security is an ideal area for rattlesnakes to hide and hunt for prey. They are not very comfortable in airy well-lit areas. Having venomous snakes around is no joke. Therefore, if you do spot one at home, kill it immediately instead of allowing it to escape to other nooks and corners.

Keep your home and surroundings free of fallen leaves, litter, garbage, etc. If you have numerous trees around, make sure they are trimmed occasionally and well maintained. Rattlesnakes like to hide beneath fallen leaves, rocks, logs, and stones. So keep your place free of such materials. Periodic cleaning is a must to prevent their entry.

If you are trying to kill a rattlesnake, always attack it from behind. Do not face the snakes while attacking. These reptiles are very aggressive and can turn out to be ferocious when they sense danger, feel threatened or provoked. They react very quickly and can bite you in matter of seconds. Their fast reflexes will make it simply impossible for you to escape. Their venom is extremely toxic making a rattlesnake bite very lethal. So attack from behind and make sure you kill the snake at one shot. You may not get a second attempt.

You can use a shovel to kill rattlesnakes. You can also use an axe. Strike from behind and chop of its head near the neck region. The body might move around and wriggle but that is not a cause of concern. If you have a gun, shoot directly at the snake, preferably its head region to kill it instantly.

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How To Kill A Rattle Snake