What Do Rattle Snakes Eat

What Do Rattle Snakes Eat ?

Rattlesnakes are one of the most venomous snakes in the world. They are found in North and South Americas. Alaska and Hawaii are the only exceptional states where not a single rattlesnake has been discovered or spotted until date. Mountains, deserts, grasslands and swamps are ideal places for rattlesnakes to live, hunt and breed.

They are called rattlesnakes because of the rattling sound they produce with their rattles present on their tails. They also have specialized compartments for storing water and can therefore survive harsh climatic conditions in deserts. They are generally found hiding underneath rocks, stones, leaves, litter, etc. to keep themselves cool and prevent predators form spotting them. They tend to hibernate during winter time. Crevices and burrows are ideal hiding places for hibernation until temperatures and climatic conditions become favorable.

Their venom is hemotoxic causing hemorrhage and destruction of blood cells leading to instant death. They eat rodents, small mammals, lizards, frogs and birds. Some species of rattlesnakes have been found to eat other snakes too exhibiting cannibalistic properties. Small diamond rattlesnakes feast on lizards, rodents and rabbits. Rock rattlesnakes on the other hand like to eat poisonous centipedes. Irrespective of their feed, these snakes tend swallow their prey head first which makes it easier for consumption.

However, as snakes grow older, their feeding patterns and choices seem to vary gradually. This has been attributed to the differences in venom productions and toxicity with ageing. The strength and toxicity of venom increases with age helping the snake attack its venom without putting in extra effort and expect instant results.

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What Do Rattle Snakes Eat