How To Care For A Turtle ?  

In today’s fast moving world, where human beings are actually falling short of time to attend to their personal relationships, keeping a pet can be quite demanding. However, if you have a tight working schedule and commitments but still long for a pet, then a turtle may be a good choice.

These reptiles do not fall in the attention seeking category of pets and can, therefore, be very comfortable to have at home. Nevertheless, aspects such as proper nutrition, quality of water and adequate temperature need to be taken care of. An aquarium with provision of UV light is a necessity for this animal for the assimilation of Vitamin D3.

Within the aquarium also, one needs to demarcate specific areas for swimming and basking. It is important for the animal to dry its shell in order to prevent any related health issues. Another aspect that can lead to health problems is accumulation of fecal matter in the aquarium. Therefore in order to maintain good health of your pet, it may be a healthy measure to not only remove the excreta regularly either through a net or drainage but one must also clean up the entire aquarium once every month. Good quality water also plays a significant role in a pet turtle’s health condition. A filtration system installed in the aquarium could take care of this requisite.

Turtles thrive in warmer temperatures, the optimum temperatures for aquatic and semi aquatic varieties range between 77 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything lower can mar the appetite of the reptile. It is best to feed your pet turtle with foods available especially for them in pet stores. However, one may provide the reptile with some additional knick knacks such as earthworms, crustaceans, small fish, mouse pups, algae, leafy green vegetation and fruit for the aquatic breeds and plants for the herbivorous semi aquatic species. Left over food should be immediately removed from the water as it can contaminate the tank and invite microorganisms.

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How To Care For A Turtle




How-To-Take-Care-Of-A-Turtle      In general, it is believed that having turtles as pets is not a very challenging task. Turtles certainly make endearing pets especially because they are quite undemanding but still their rearing calls for sensitivity and detailed information. More..




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How To Care For A Turtle ? )
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