What Do Wild Turtles Eat ?  

One of the questions that people want to know is what do wild turtles eat. This is question is rather complex as the wild turtle's natural habitat determines what it eats. However, majority of the wild turtles are known to be meat and plant eaters.

In the wild, a turtle eats plants that grow in the water. It also eats insects, dead marine animals and fish. Proteins is an important part of a wild turtle's diet, especially when it growing up. That is why many of the wild turtles are carnivorous when they are growing up and then gradually start eating plants and vegetation as they reach maturity.

Wild turtles are known to eat small insects, snails and worms. These provide them with the much-needed protein. At the same time, vegetation and plants are also important part of a wild turtle's diet. In fact, the wild turtles can easily consume poisonous plants without them having any adverse effects on the turtles. In some species of wild turtles, the poisonous plants actually help to keep the predators at bay. The wild turtles that are found either in water or near water bodies are known to eat small sized fish. These turtles tend to swim to catch their prey and that is how they get most of their protein needs.

Turtles are also known to eat carcasses of animals. Usually this happens when the turtles cannot get access to fresh prey. Sometimes, turtles are also known to eat flowers like roses and geraniums. It may sound strange, but some species of turtles actually love these strong smelling flowers.

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What Do Wild Turtles Eat




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