What Eats Sea Turtles ?  

Just like all animals in the wild, even the sea turtles are part of the food chain. Not only do sea turtles help to spread seeds of plants around the environment, they also are prey for many predators. At this point you must be wondering what eats sea turtles.

While sea turtles themselves are meat and plant eaters, they are also known to be rather opportunistic when it comes to eating. They will eat just about anything that comes in their way. In fact, sea turtles are also known to eat fishing bait if given a chance! Sea turtles are known to get their protein requirements from frogs, small fish, insects, worms, tadpoles, shrimps, amphipods, crayfish and snails. They get their vitamins and minerals from eating fruits, seeds, leaves, algae, plants, weeds, duckweed and roots.

Humans are known to be the biggest predators of sea turtles. Humans kill sea turtles for sport or they get killed when they get caught in fishing nets. In addition, turtles are also caught by humans to keep or sell as pets. Other than humans, sea turtles are eaten by many other animals. There are two species of fish that love to eat sea turtles. These are the bass and pike. Sometimes, large sea turtles can eat the smaller species of the sea turtles. Frogs and snakes are also known to eat sea turtles that have just hatched from eggs. The eggs of the sea turtles are a delicacy for skunks and raccoons. While newly hatched sea turtles often get eaten up by minks, crows and otters as they are making their way to the sea right after hatching.

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What Eats Sea Turtles




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