What Kind Of Turtle Do I Have ?  

Many times people get turtles as pet, but they are at a loss because they do not know the kind of turtle they have. So, if you are one of those who asking himself what kind of turtle do I have, read on. In the US, there are more than fifty species of turtles available. If you count the species that are available throughout the world, the number is more 250.

When you get a turtle as pet, it is best to check out the law in your state of residence. Some turtles that people keep as pets are either protected or listed as endangered. Hence, they cannot be reared in captivity.

If you have bought your pet turtle from a pet shop, then most probably it might be a slider or painted turtle, as these are the two species of aquatic turtles that are commonly sold by pet shops. If your turtle has webbing between its toes, then it is an aquatic turtle. The slider and painted turtle are omnivores and you will have to provide them with a way to come onto the ground so that they can bask in the sun.

If you have a terrestrial turtle, then most probably it is a box turtle. This species is also an omnivore. While you will have to provide this species with water for bathing and drinking, it will be very happy to spend most of its time on land.

Usually novice pet owners should not go for exotic turtles like Reeve's turtle, Asian yellow pond turtle or African mud turtle. These species are best left to more experienced owners. However, you can find these exotic species in some of the pet stores.

It is advisable that you check out what kind of turtle you have before you get one. This way you will be able to find out more on what to feed the turtle and how to take care of it.

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What Kind Of Turtle Do I Have




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What Kind Of Turtle Do I Have ? )
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