What Do Bengal Tiger Eat ?

What Do Bengal Tiger Eat ?

The Bengal tigers live in the Indian subcontinent and in Malaysia mainly. The tiger likes to live alone and it lives in the deep jungles of the conserved forests of India. Today, there are nearly 18 reserves in India that are specially maintained to conserve tigers. The most number of tigers are found in Kaziranga National Park and Sunderbans Reserve in India. The Bengal tiger is also found in Burma and Nepal.

Royal Bengal tigers depend on their habitat for their survival. They hunt deer, wild boar, antelopes and other smaller animals of similar size. The tiger population prospers wherever they can find their prey easily. The tigers are not the kind of animals which will run very fast and chase its prey like lions or cheetahs. Instead, the tigers hide and camouflage themselves, and stalk their prey. Once they are ready, they pounce and kill their prey.

Kaziranga National Park is very rich in the prey population for the tiger, and also the tigers there are supposedly doing well. There are less than 1,000 tigers in the Indian subcontinent today. In 1990, there were more than 40 thousand tigers. This magnificent animal has been poached heavily for its beautiful skin and many tigers died due to the changing habitat conditions.

Bengal tigers being carnivores mainly depend on small animals like monkeys and wild boars for their prey. They can run fast but for short distances only. Tigers do not typically hunt bigger animals like bisons. They sometimes hunt birds and peacocks for food.

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What Do Bengal Tiger Eat