Malayan Tiger Why They Are Becoming Endangered  

The Malayan tiger is one of the species of the tigers. It is a little smaller built compared to the other species of tigers and is found predominantly in Malaysian landscapes. Just like the other species of tigers, the Malaysian tiger’s body is covered with black stripes and it has an orangish body. It is one of the species that is very close to extinction as of today.

The Malayan tiger grows up to three and a half feet high and it is carnivorous. It mainly depends on its habitat for its survival. The tiger is at the top of the ecological chain as of today and when it becomes extinct, the remaining chain can go off balance. It is very important to have predators and preys in the ecological chain.

The tiger is one of the fastest disappearing animals and despite the fact that it is an endangered animal, it is being poached for its lovely skin. One of the biggest reasons for the endangered status of the tiger is poaching. The second reason is loss of habitat. The tigers repeatedly have to adjust to newer environment because the world is becoming an increasingly populated place and more and more forests are being cleared. The number of preys for the tiger is also decreasing and the tiger is not very good with adjusting to newer circumstances. Another reason for the extinction of tiger is killing.

Tigers sometimes come to human territories looking for food. They feed on livestock or prey on humans themselves, and as a result get killed by villagers and farmers.

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Malayan Tiger Why They Are Becoming Endangered




Malayan-Tiger-Population      The scientific name of Malayan Tiger is Panthera tigris jacksoni, and it is mainly found in the southern and central regions of the Malaysian Peninsula. It is also found in some parts of Thailand. There are nearly 600 to 800 Malayan tigers that are found in the wild now. Malayan tigers are the only other common species like Bengal tiger. More..




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Malayan Tiger Why They Are Becoming Endangered )
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