What Do Siberian Tigers Eat ?

What Do Siberian Tigers Eat ?

The Siberian tigers are also known as the Panthera tigris altaica. They are also called Amur tigers and live mainly in Siberia. They used to be spread out in China and Korea, but are considered to be extinct in these parts now. The Siberian tiger is an endangered species, and there are only three hundred of them left in the world.

Among all the species of the tigers, the Siberian tiger is the biggest and the largest. It weighs nearly 850 pounds and it grows up to 12 feet tall. The Siberian tiger eats as much as 100 pounds in a day. It is a carnivorous animal and can eat huge volumes of food at one single time. Since they live in extreme weather conditions finding food is very difficult for them. However, Siberian tigers eat wild boars, deer, water buffalo, moose, gazelle, hares, rabbits, musk deer, lynx and jackals. However, its main diet consists of wild boar. They also hunt birds and fish like salmon sometimes.

Siberian tigers are not very good in captivity. Although the records show that there are nearly 450 Siberian tigers kept in zoo and other areas all over the world. The Siberian tiger comes in two colors. One is the white tiger with chocolate brown stripes all over its body. The other variety is the orange tiger with black stripes. These tigers are much bigger than the regular species.

They can climb trees and swim very well, but they can run fast only for short distances. That is why the tiger waits patiently in ambush when it is hunting its prey. It looks for the right moment to catch its prey and then pounces.

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What Do Siberian Tigers Eat