Where Does A White Tiger Live ?  

White tigers are one of the most beautiful animals one can see. They are also one of the rarest kinds of tigers. The chances of a white tiger being born are one in ten thousand. The white tigers are same as the Bengal tigers, and it is a defective gene that causes the regular tiger to be white.

There are very few white tigers in the world, and all of them are in captivity. They exist in zoos and sometimes they are also bred in the zoo.

The tiger is a solitary animal and likes to live alone. The male tigers always live alone and the females live in families. The male tiger occupies large parts as its own territory and marks it. They scratch, urinate and make pug marks in their territory. They usually do that to warn their enemies and let them know that it is their territory.

The tigers never hunt in groups and that is one of the reasons why they do not go for bigger preys. They hunt deer, wild boar, pigs, and gazelle or monkeys. They also hunt birds sometimes. The tiger has a better control over its prey when it is their own territory. That is why it is very important that the tiger marks its territory. Another tiger does not come close to the marked territory, or else it would end up in a big cat fight literally. How big a territory the tiger marks depends on the preys available in its territory. Once the tiger settles down in a territory, it is unlikely it will move on to a newer place. However, it is a known fact that tigers travel extensively.

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Where Does A White Tiger Live




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Where Does A White Tiger Live ? )
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