Can You Get The Plague From Armadillos

Can You Get The Plague From Armadillos ?

Though armadillos are known to carry leprosy bacterium, salmonella, rabies and tapeworms, there is no evidence to show that you can get plague from armadillos. Hence, it can be said without any doubts that you cannot get the plague from armadillos. Nonetheless, considering that armadillos can cause leprosy and rabies, it is best to adopt measure to keep this animal away from your garden and home.

The best way to keep armadillos away from your garden is by erecting a fence around your property. However, if the fence does not extend a foot or more into the ground, then these animals can dig under it and enter your garden or home. This method of keeping armadillos away can be an expensive one. (See Reference 1)

Alternatively, you can use ultrasonic pest deterrents to keep these animals away. But this device can end up irritating your dog or cat. So, one of the best ways to keep armadillos away from your garden and home is by making the place smell bad for these animals. (See Reference 1)

Armadillos have a powerful sense of smell, and any strong and noxious smell can help to get rid of them. Many people use mothballs to evict armadillos from their homes. In addition, you can also try using pine mulch and/or pine needles to get rid of armadillos. Using mothballs all over your lawn would not be practical, and may prove to be dangerous for other household pets. Instead, place the mothballs where armadillos tend to dig and burrow, or in areas that you want to protect. If you happen to notice an armadillo burrow in your property, then just drop a few mothballs down the burrow. You can even try soaking a piece of cloth in ammonia or vinegar and push it down the burrow. (See Reference 1)

All these measures should help you keep armadillos from your property, and you can protect your garden and home. Above all, you can protect yourself and your family from contracting leprosy, rabies, salmonella and tapeworms.

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