What Do Armadillos Eat

What Do Armadillos Eat ?

Ants form a major part of an armadillo's diet. In one go, an armadillo has the ability to eat more than forty thousand ants. In addition, armadillos also eat larvae, scorpions, spiders, beetles and worms. It is estimated that in one year, a single armadillo can consume more than 200 pounds of bugs and insects.

Besides this, armadillos also eat plants, vegetation and fruits. They eat roots and berries. It is not unheard of armadillos feasting on frogs, snakes and lizards, as well as eating the eggs of these animals. (See Reference 1)

Armadillos just love to eat and spend a large part of their waking hours looking for food. They have weak vision, but that is made up with a strong sense of smell. They can smell out their prey. It is common to see an armadillo suddenly come to a standstill and then begin digging furiously. This is because the armadillo smells a prey and does everything in its power to get to it. (See Reference 1)

Also, these animals have the ability to wreak havoc in a garden. They can destroy the plants and shrubs to get to the roots and berries. While most people think armadillos are cute, they should be avoided as they are carriers of many diseases. Armadillos are carriers of the bacterium that causes leprosy and a scratch from the claw of an armadillo can result in this disease in humans as well as other animals. In addition, these animals also are carriers of rabies virus, salmonella, and tapeworms. (See Reference 1)

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