How Fast Can A Cheetah Run ?  

Evolutionary adaptation has ensured that a cheetah can run very fast. If you are wondering how fast can a cheetah run, you will be astonished to learn that a cheetah can attain a speed of around seventy-five miles per hour. This makes the cheetah the fastest terrestrial animal.

The body of the cheetah is built for sprinting and not for running for long durations. It can maintain its top speed for around 1,500 feet. However, do not think that this distance is not good enough. During the sprint of 1,500 feet, the cheetah can bring down its prey. In fact, by the time the 1,500-foot distance is reached, the prey is already down and it is bleeding to death from the wounds caused by the fangs of the cheetah. (See Reference 1)

Although the cheetah is considered a big cat, it is smaller than all the other big cats. Its small size helps it to chase down its prey rather than stalking and ambushing the prey. The cheetah can reach from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 3 seconds, and this makes it faster than the fastest car that humans drive. (See Reference 1)

A cheetah's body is very light. The chest is quite big compared to other big cats, and the reason for this is to accommodate large lungs, so that it can get a lot of oxygen. In addition, a cheetah has a large heart which helps to circulate large amounts of oxygenated blood. Furthermore, the cheetah's body is aerodynamically built to reduce wind resistance, and its extremely long tail functions as a rudder while running. (See Reference 1) All these adaptations ensure that the cheetah can reach top speed.

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How Fast Can A Cheetah Run


1. How Fast Can A Cheetah Run


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