Will Smith Biography

Will Smith Biography

Will Smith’s life is a mirror. The "Prince" was born on 25 September 1968 and went on to grow into a tall, dark and handsome actor/musician, who won over fans and critics alike with his outstanding talent.

Smith was from a middle-class family. His mother worked in a school board and his father owned a refrigeration company. Will was the second of four children and was a bright child.

He began rapping at the age of 12 and developed his own style. At 16, he met DJ Jazzy Jeff/Jeff Townes with whom his first worldwide success was scored. Their first single was a hit in 1986 and their debut album Rock’s sales too rocked. At 18 Will became a millionaire but forgot to pay his tax, with the result, IRS cleaned out everything. He then had to start again from scratch. He won a Grammy award in 1991, worked in a sit-com titled Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The sit-com ran successfully for 6 years. And this helped get noticed in Hollywood. Later Will Smith went on to win two Oscars and four Golden Globe nominations.

However, he was married previously. Will Smith married Sheree Zampino in 1991 and had one son, Willard Smith III. Later he married the actress Jada Pinkett with whom he has a son Jaden Christopher Syre and a daughter Willow Camille Reign.

Smith is one of Hollywood's prime earners. He charged $5 million for Men In Black and $14 million for Enemy Of The State, and his fee rose to 20 million for Ali, MIB2 and Bad Boys 2.

Having conquered the worlds of music and film, he one goal in life is to run for President in the coming years.

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Will Smith Biography