Who is Anne Hathaway Dating?

Who Is Anne Hathaway Dating?

Anne Hathaway is the American actress who played the role of Princess Mia in Princess Diaries. She also played the role of Ella Enchanted in the movie with the same name. She was launched into her acting career by Disney Channel. However, Anne did do several small roles before her big break with Disney.

Anne Hathaway is currently dating Adam Shulman, who is from New York. Before Adam she was dating Raffaello Follieri. This became an extremely controversial topic as he was an alleged conman, who committed fraud by taking money of investors who wanted to invest in real estate in Italy. The whole world knew about his criminal past except Anne Hathaway. However, she managed to break free from that relationship just a month before Follieri was arrested for fraud.

Adam Shulman is also an American actor. For people who do not know him, Shulman is the guy who played Deputy Enos Strate in the movie Dukes of Hazzard, The Beginning and its subsequent sequel in the form of television series.

However, Anne Hathaway is more popular as an actress than Adam Shulman. Nonetheless, they both seem to be deeply involved and also contemplating marriage. But, there is no official statement of Anne Hathaway walking the aisle yet.

She has also been in news for her smoking habit. Several people claim that she was seen taking several smoking breaks during the Toronto Film Festival. She completely denied the fact because it works against her popular figure. However, she might have developed this habit while dating her ex boyfriend.

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