Is Jennifer Garner Related To James Garner ?

Is Jennifer Garner Related To James Garner ?

Jennifer Anne Garner is a successful television and Hollywood actress. Born in a middle class family, her parents would have never fathomed that this daughter of theirs would be a silver screen star in the future years.

Owing to her father’s job with Union Carbide, Jennifer spent her childhood at Charleston, West Virginia. She passed out from George Washington High School in Charleston and thereafter pursued higher studies in drama from Denison University. Jennifer commenced her career as a television artist, and soon earned recognition in cinema as well. The actress prefers to do her own stunts, which has cost her nerve damage in the back in the year 2005.

Some of her personal interests include cooking, gardening, hiking and kickboxing. The celebrity is presently married to actor Ben Affleck and has 2 daughters from this wedlock.

James Garner born on April 7, 1928 is an extremely popular face on American television and in films. He has been into acting for the last five decades and during this span he has given some remarkable performances in television series such as Maverick, The Rockford Files; and 8 Simple Rules. Some of his memorable work in cinema is highlighted in movies such as The Great Escape, The Americanization of Emily, and Victor Victoria. His incredible performance in the movie 'Murphy's Romance' opposite Sally Field earned him a nomination at the Academy Awards.

Despite the similarity of the last names and line of career, there is no relationship between Jennifer Garner and James Garner. Jennifer is very frequently questioned about her relation with James Garner, to which after replying in the negative she often adds in humor that had it been true, things would have probably been much easier for her in the industry!

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Is Jennifer Garner Related To James Garner